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Otino Gramophone successfully signed a brand image spokesperson-Taiwan famous singer Zhuo Yiting

2019-11-22 11:39:57

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Otino Gramophone successfully signed a brand image spokesperson-Taiwan famous singer Zhuo Yiting

Otino International (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2007, owns Shenzhen Classic Home Decoration Co., Ltd.  Dongguan Liufa Furniture Factory. It has two major brands: Otino  Arantic-CCTV CCTV broadcast brand, China's ten major decoration brands, China's annual franchise brand, is the most valuable professional classical phonograph manufacturerin China's decoration industry,  its marketing headquarters is located World Capital of Innovation-Shenzhen, China.

Otino, a perfect fusion of classical music culture  modern vocal technology, with the craftsmanship  design aesthetics, let the quality of audiovisual life into millions of families. Otino has a team of high-quality, excellent technology  strong sense of responsibility,  all links have achieved international-level operation  management. The company has 6,000 square meters of factory buildings, a full set of production lines for woodworking, sanding, paint, electronics, packaging.


ODNOVEO- Otino's phonograph brand main products are: classical phonograph , European-style fireplace , oak wine barrel, etc. The products are made of imported oak, American ash  other high-quality wood. The design is designed by professional designers with many years of design experience. The wood is manually assembled  carved. The paint is made of environmentally friendly paint. The electronic part is made of advanced Sanyo shockproof movement. The production of power amplifiers  other raw materials guarantees the highest quality  high standards of the products.


Taiwan female singer-Zhuo Yiting officially became the spokesperson for Otino's gramophone brand image

On May 31, 2017, Otino Gramophone held a solemn signing ceremony for the brand image endorsement in Shenzhen,  officially announced that the image spokesperson for the Otino brand phonograph is the famous Taiwanese singer Zhuo Yiting.



Zhuo Yiting Introduction:
One: Zhuo Yiting, Chinese Taiwanese female singer. Signed a contract with Seven Seas Records in 1988. Performed in Minnan language drama in 1995. The comeback was announced in 2002,  the original Chinese New Year album "Good Spring" was released on December 8, 2008.
Two: In 2004, released two solo albums of "Metamorphosis 5"  "Blessing 2". In 2003, many concerts were held in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hainan  other places. The venues exploded. Everywhere they went, there was an unprecedented sensation. The Haikou concerts were the most affected. Internet, China Daily, Hainan TV, People's Daily (overseas version), Hainan Daily  many other media have paid close attention to it.
Three: Taiwanese singer Zhuo Yiting has always been known as "Happy New Year Princess", she has a sweet voice  a fresh image. Her songs are very different in style, mainly composed of tender  sweet songs. The songs she sings are almost the highest in all ages. She is a Taiwanese singer Zhuo Yiting who is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people  is known as the "sweet queen".



Ortino's brand strategy in the next three years
One: the brand new brand marketing model system involves product systems, channel models, marketing models, manufacturing models  other systems that are perfect  mature.
Two: Become a truly strong brand leader in the classical phonograph industry, with powerful channel control. The brand-new brand marketing model has completed the model building in specific areas,  achieved the construction of channels covering the entire national market through the exhibition.
Three: Establish  improve online direct sales channels  related teams, mature multi-channel strategy,  realize the integration of online  offline e-commerce.
Four: Build  cultivate a company headquarters team with the ability to sign orders  channel investment.
Five: In the process of gradual operation, through learning, research  development,  based on market feedback, build a full range of product lines.



On the "Sweet Queen" journey, Otino joined hands with Taiwanese female singer Zhuo Yiting to endorse the
Otino Gramophone brand as a leader in the phonograph industry. After selecting the spokesperson as "Sweet Tianhou" Taiwanese singer Zhuo Yiting, he set out to contact his team. After repeated communication between the two sides, on the basis of reaching consensus, they are looking forward to this cooperation will collide with different sparks, continuously amplify the brand benefits of the two sides, expand the impact of all,  make a deafening voice. Many guests witnessed this exciting moment together,  Mao Zhimao, General Manager of Otino's Gramophone, expressed his appreciation for the "sweet diva" on the spot  expressed full confidence in this cooperation.
The songs sung by Zhuo Yiting are almost the highest in all ages. She is deeply rooted in people's hearts  is well-known, such as the classic song "Birthday Song". According to senior industry sources, this cooperation will be a strong alliance. With the help of "Sweet Queen" Zhuo Yiting's popularity will inevitably raise the brand awareness of Otino to a new field. Otino has always been low-key  good quality. The launch of a new brand image will be the brand's new leap A milestone.


"The sweet diva" choice, Zhuo Yiting's signature gramophone debuts


Now, with the improvement of living standards, the modern version of the phonograph market has also emerged,  has become synonymous with retro fashion,  only carrying the culture of the phonograph, but also becoming the artistic symbol of the spiritual aristocratic lifestyle ... In the future, Otino phonograph Will make it a household name, let everyone enjoy the beauty of music, an antique European antique phonograph , a dangling old record, a song of old songs elegantly echoed in your ears, let you intoxicate, let You slowly recall the long-storied story ... "




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