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Why does the classical gramophone have big speakers? Gramophone big horn knowledge introduction

2019-11-22 11:39:57

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The big horn can be said to be a symbol of the gramophone . The arms of the swan neck are matched with the big horn, shaped like a blooming trumpet flower, proudly elegant. Why does the gramophone have a big speaker?

This must start the invention of the phonograph. The invention of King Edison invented the first simple phonograph at home in 1877. This audible machine was immediately welcomed by people. On the microphone of the second-generation gramophone, Edison added a horn-shaped sound tube as a loudspeaker. This classic design has continued to this day. The shape of the big horn is unique to any musical instrument. It is unique only belongs to the beautiful model of phonograph.

Today, the Otino brand phonograph introduces the knowledge of the large phonograph horn for everyone;

1. What is the big speaker of the phonograph used for?

 ①Decoration: beautiful beautiful

 ②Sound: Now it is generally used to play treble, the treble comes out of the big speaker, the treble is crisp powerful.

2. What are the materials of the big speaker of the phonograph?

①Pure copper: The big speaker is generally made of pure copper, which has good wear resistance is easy to fade. The wooden cabinet the big metal speaker complement each other;

② Wooden: The wooden loudspeaker has a simple atmosphere, high workmanship requirements, the disadvantage is that it is easy to maintain.

③ Alloy plating: Several metal composite materials, a layer of brass plating on the surface.

 The classical gramophone uses red copper as the speaker, which is more unique noble.

3. What is the shape of the big phonograph phonograph?

1. The petal arc is embossed

2. Petal arc embossing

3. Smooth round big horn

4. How to use the big phonograph phonograph?

The big horn the fuselage are separated, the device is together, the method of the device is simple, it can be disassembled,

It is fixed, but it can also be scrolled. When the radio function of the phonograph is used, the large speaker can be adjusted to adjust the signal.




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