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Ortino explained about the application of the big speaker gramophone in modern life.

2019-11-22 11:39:57

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    I don't know if we found that the phonograph scene often appears in modern TV dramas For example, in the second episode of the recently completed spy drama "Kite", Zheng Yaoxian learned that Cheng Zhen'er was returning to his hometown in Northeast China. Zheng Yaoxian met Cheng Zhen'er in a western restaurant  met her off for a meal. As a result, Zhen Er had an accident while crossing the road. The big speaker gramophone in the western restaurant is playing the famous Italian song "Ah, a Bright Day". The foreigner chef at the western restaurant saw Zheng Yaoxian so sad  said that he would change another record.

    Gramophones, which often appear in TV dramas dating back to the 1930s  1940s, have always been objects of local taste  elegance.

 Do you know that such a large speaker phonograph actually exists in the modern market?  it has long quietly entered the lives of modern people. In addition to the presence of tasteful  tasteful places such as cafes, western restaurants, hotels, clubs, bookstores, the most common use is in home decoration.

   The modern gramophone follows the classic basic shape of the large horn of the traditional gramophone, the solid wood structure body,  the hand-carved carving patterns; the function is also more perfect,  the Bluetooth, DVD, CD are added with the times on the basis of vinyl playback. , U disk, radio function, so that the phonograph is no longer a single vinyl record player function. In this way, the current gramophone is  only beautiful  practical.

    The gramophone once again walked into our sight  into our lives. It is also produced under the condition that a new round of home accessories is bound to develop towards practicality. A phonograph, most of which are designed for high, middle  low audio frequency segments, so it can be used as a home audio; because of its particularly delicate appearance, it is also a unique  pleasing ornament.

   Carefully consider the style,  only the box, desktop,  vertical design, which can meet the needs of customers  friends in different occasions; the craftsmanship is simple  stylish, but also complex  noble; the color is mainly selected  retro white, beige, Brown, brown red, walnut black, wood color, American color, in order to meet the different home styles.

   Such a product can be called a craft. Now, it is  only liked by the high-end people of prominent people, but also gradually welcomed by the mass families. The gramophone puts all the praises of the years into the notes. The appearance is clumsy  extraordinary. It has witnessed the glorious era of a generation. Now, it will continue to bloom in the new era.




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