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Alantic Vintage Gramophone YK-988BL

Alantic Vintage Gramophone YK-988BL

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  • Date of issue:2020-04-30 02:03:08
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Product Name: Alantic Vintage Gramophone

Model: YK-988BL                                                  

Material: imported oak                                                             

Color: Chestnut                                                     

Function: Turbo record player, CD player, radio , USB player, Bluetooth function

Power: treble output power: 5W * 1 mid-bass output power: 30W * 2 heavy bass output: 200W

Configuration: Sanyo shockproof CD movement, French ST brand power amplifier, Jiaxun brand frequency divider, Hivi brand full-range speaker, Hi-Fi high-fidelity audio, independent adjustment of treble, midrange, bass, EQ sound effect                                                               

Overall size: 530 * 450 * 1810mm         



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